Benefits of the Certificates

Importance of Express Telecom Certifications

These tests have been designed by the International Academics and Researchers and they cover all the critical areas of Networking and Data Communication, Wireless Technologies and Security Management. These certificates help you to maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives. It is continuing technical and professional qualification as applied to professional development. The impact of additional certifications in the professional field, illuminates the personal skills of an individual.

These certifications contributes to the personal skill development of the individuals to flourish in their respective area of work. The increasing competition in jobs make it more challenging for the job seekers but despite of competition, certifications make an edge for the individual. The employers are also seeking for the potential customers who having certifications in the respective fields of computer networks, security, forensics and wireless networking.

Additional Benefits of Express Telecom Certifications:

  1. To validate your experience and knowledge in the filed
  2. To increase your value to organisations across the world.
  3. To improve your professional standard and credibility in the market.
  4. To increase your Salary.
  5. To further enhance your skills and tools set to compete in the industry.
  6. To enhance your professional standard

Who is Eligible for Express Telecom Certifications?

  1. Entry Level Networking, Wireless, Data Communication and Security Students and Engineers.
  2. Undergraduate and Postgraduate knowledge of Computer Science, Network and Data Communication, Wireless and Telecom Background, Network Security, Security Management.
  3. Familiar with Cisco, Microsoft, Wireless Networks, Security and its Management.
  4. IT and relevant Industry experience (minimum 6 months) in the area of Networking, Wireless, Data Communication and Security Students and Engineers.