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Desktop and IT Support
Following are the key contents of course and you will be able to learn How to install Windows 10, Manage Active Directory and Printer Installations (more information).


Wireless Communication System and Networks
This certification will test your knowledge in basic networking such as how the network works by connecting systems, use of peripherals switches and routers, network components and how the communication process is carried out between server and clients, network components such as firewalls, optimization, email filtering, content filtering, spam, loss connection and administration (more information).

Network and Data Communication

This certification is the amalgamation of hardware and software implementation of the network systems. The network systems certification covers wide range of topics including the designing of the network and testing core knowledge of complete network architecture (more information).


Information Security Management
Information Security Management is an essential part of IT industry. The security certification primarily focuses on how to protect information and prevent intrusion. The certification topics covered in this test are Security fundamentals and application, Security polices, Access control systems and methodology, Firewall, Communications security, Infrastructure security, and Operational/organizational security (more information).



Test Duration
The duration of certification test is 40 minutes and without any delay you are able to get your certification results. Each test is based on 40 multiple choice Questions / Answers.
Academics and professionals looking to gain a recognized industry qualification.