Desktop and IT Support

Following are the key contents of course and you will be able to learn How to install Windows 10, Manage Active Directory and Printer Installations.

  1. Complete Windows10 Installation/Deployment Procedure
    1. Update Procedure (From Windows Older Versions to Windows 10)
    2. Creating Installation media
    3. Media Creation Tool Procedure
      1. Initializing User Device
        1. Windows 10 Setup Creation for Same device
        2. Windows 10 Setup Creation for another device
  1. Windows 10 How to create UEFI USB Drive
  1. Windows 10 Basic System Requirement
  1. BIOS Setup
    1. BIOS setup configuration
  1. Modern Deployment Approach
    1. Lite Touch Installation (Network F12 and Bootable media deployments)
    2. Lite Touch Installation (Offline Media Standalone deployment by connecting to the Vestas LAN/network)
    3. Zero Touch Installation (Refresh Deployment Wipe and reload)
  1. Pinter installation
    1. USB
    2. Network

What you will Gain?

  • Understanding the Windows 10 deployment methodologies and how to effectively deploy according to Client infrastructure.
  • In-depth Understanding to meet the current requirement of an IT industry
  • Better understanding of how to Use Active Directory to manage Users, Devices, printers etc etc.. and its role in the Desktop support.

How to install Stand alone and Network Printers.