• I have obtained training from expresstelecom on 5G. This training assist me to understand the new era of telecommunications. Dr. M Ali Imran was very helpful in their style of teaching. I recommend all the telecom professionals to get the training on 5G.

  • I have completed my MSc in Computer Networking. Recently I got the training on VoIP and 5G from express telecom. This training was very helpful for me with respect to the knowledge and job prospective. I definitely recommend all the IT professionals to get training’s are certifications from Express Telecom.

  • After completing my MSc in Computer Science from the University of Bedfordshire, I had heard about Express Telecom from a university colleague so recently I obtained training on LTE and LTE-Advanced from express telecom, which was very beneficial to me in my first job after my studies. I personally recommend all the telecom/forensics and other professionals to check the training’s of express telecom.

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